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  • LEX35S8502
  • Item #: LEX35S8502
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  • Lexmark Adjustable Printer Stand

  • Lexmark C3224, C3226, CS310, CS331, CS410, CS510, CX310, CX331, CX410, CX510, M1145, M1242, M1246, M3150, M3250, MC3224, MC3226, MS312, MS315, MS415, MS510, MS610, MX510, MX511, MX610, MX611, XC2132, XM1145, XM1242, XM1246, XM3150, XM3250 Adjustable Printer Stand. Customize Your Lexmark Printer or Multifunction Machine and Optimize Productivity with Genuine Lexmark Accessories.
  • Country: US
  • List Price: $384.29
Equipment Models Lexmark CS310dn, Lexmark CS310n, Lexmark CS410dn, Lexmark CS410n, Lexmark CS510de, Lexmark CX310dn, Lexmark CX310n, Lexmark CX410de, Lexmark CX410e, Lexmark CX510de, Lexmark MS510dn, Lexmark MS610dn, Lexmark MX510de, Lexmark MX511de, Lexmark MX511dhe, Lexmark MX610de, Lexmark MX611de, Lexmark MX611dhe, Lexmark MS312dn, Lexmark MS315dn, Lexmark MS415dn, Lexmark M1145, Lexmark M3150, Lexmark XM1145, Lexmark XM3150, Lexmark XC2132, Lexmark MS610de, Lexmark B2338dw, Lexmark B2442dw, Lexmark MB2338adw, Lexmark MB2442adwe, Lexmark XM3250, Lexmark M1242, Lexmark M1246, Lexmark M3250, Lexmark XM1242, Lexmark XM1246, Lexmark C3224dw, Lexmark MC3224, Lexmark C3226adwe, Lexmark C3226dw, Lexmark CX331adwe, Lexmark CX331adwe
Product Type Detail Printer Stand